The perfect sense of well-being

A massage releases tensions, stretches and relaxes, giving you the chance to shut down and to forget the stresses of everyday life.

Enjoy a spiritual and physical wellness.

Aromatherapy massage

Depending on the choice of essential oil, aromatherapy massages are relaxing, soothing, balancing, harmonising, vitalising and so help to fight against the symptoms of stress.

Full body massage,
60 minutes: 55.00 EUR

Back and partial body massage,
30 min.: 35.00 EUR


The massage with heated stones gives your body a great sense of wellness with a deep soothing sensation.

In conjunction with the fragrances from the aromatherapy oils it gives you new energy and vitality and an experience for all your senses..

Hot-Stone, 60 minutes: 60.00 EUR

Ayurvedish massage with warm sesame seed oil

This massage, based on the 3,000 year-old Indian tradition, stimulates the entire body.  It stimulates the circulation and lymph flow and strengthens your immune system.

Ayurvedish full body massage, 60 min: 60,00 EUR

Foot reflexology massage

Our feet are like the microcosm of our entire body. Thousands of fine nerves connect the organs and systems of the body.

It stimulates the flow of energy and you experience a profound relaxation.

Foot reflexology massage,
35 min.: 35.00 EUR